Purple Overload

Ever have something that you forget about, and once you find it, you're obsessed all over again?? That's how I feel with these purple nail polishes! I forgot all about my purple creme polish and now I want to wear it all the time!

I started by painting my index and pinky fingers with two coats of Beyond the Nail - Violet Creme. I painted one coat then sponged another coat of Beyond the Nail - Purple Microglitter onto my ring finger. On my middle finger I painted one thick coat of Beyond the Nail - Lilac Creme. When it was dry, I placed on some Line Nail Guides across the nail and painted over it with the Violet Creme polish. I immediately peeled away the nail guides and left it to dry for a while. I placed some more Line Nail Guides on it in the shape of a "V" and painted in the middle with the Purple Microglitter. I peeled away those nail guides immediately and left it to dry before painting each nail with PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat.

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