KISS Halloween Eye Tattoos

A fun and subtle look for Halloween is always great - especially when you want to dress up for work or going out, but don't want to be over the top. I recently received some products from KISS that I've never heard or seen before! Eye tattoos? I've seen this for lips but never for around my eyes. I obviously had to try these out right away! 

These are KISS Halloween Eye Tattoos in Bat Girl. Super easy to apply - just place it on your skin and dampen it with a wet cloth until the paper removes easily from your skin. I did try to fix it up with my finger but ended up peeling the tattoo right back up again... so you can see the little squiggle from the spider web at the corner of my lid. (User error!) I really liked the idea of these, but because the skin around my eyes isn't super tight, these got squished and didn't look that great up close. But from far, I really liked how they looked!

 I also paired up this look with Egoism's Matte Velvet Lipstick to make the overall look a bit vampy.

I couldn't not take a selfie, right?! ;)

What do you guys think of these eye tattoos? Would you every try them?

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