Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

This year for Halloween I dressed up as Harley Quinn! I was sent some makeup, a wig, & a bat to use for my costume. I didn't have the right outfit to complete my look, so I went with a simple grungy look. The wig also had bangs straight across the forehead, which Harley Quinn doesn't have, but I still think my overall look was pretty much on point. 

I used Manic Panic's Dye Hard in blue & red hair gel to colour the tips of the wig, which worked perfectly. I first thought it was hair dye, but was actually delighted to see it was hair gel. I wasn't sure how I could have dyed a synthetic wig & if it would have even worked. 

I used mostly face paint for my makeup, but did go in with some setting powder, and eyeliner for a bigger impact with the colours.

What do you guys think of my overall look? 

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