31DC2016: Day 20 - Water Marble

It's day 20 of The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge and today's challenge is Water Marble!

I am NOT good at water marbling... this is probably my most hated nail art of the whole challenge. I had to do my nails over 3 times just to get this design, and it's not even good. *sigh* Look at the air bubbles!! Ughhh.

I started by painting my nails with one coat of Beyond the Nail - Bright White. As it was drying, I painted around each nail with NailExperiments - Easy Peel Latex Barrier. When everything was dry, I got a cup of room temperature water and added drops of Beyond the Nail - Lilac Creme, Spring Blue Creme, & Spring Red Creme. I tried to do a watermarble design but I just suck.. so it came out all weird. I peeled away the latex barrier, which was a true lifesaver, and topped each nail off with one coat of Beyond the Nail - Mermaid Dust. I also added one coat of PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat to make it shiny!

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