Beach Nails

I went to an Atlantis themed party on Saturday night and I just had to do my nails to match! These nails look pretty easy.. but it took me about 3 hours because of trial and error.. *sigh*.

I started by painting my nails with one coat of Beyond the Nail - Biscotti (you could also use a white base, but I wanted the tan/nude polish to stand out, OR you can skip this step altogether if you have really pigmented polishes). I applied NailExperiments - Easy Peel Latex Barrier around each nail and waited for everything to dry.

I then got a makeup sponge and painted the top part with Beyond the Nail - Holy Grail and the bottom part with Beyond the Nail - High Tide. I did two coats of this, then one more coat where I used Beyond the Nail - Asteroid instead of High Tide to get a more holographic look! After achieving the opacity I wanted, I peeled away the latex barrier.
In a plastic cup filled with water, I dropped two drops of Beyond the Nail - Bright White and then sprayed it with perfume to separate. This took a lot of trial and error because I had first tried hairspray - which didn't work because I had the aerosol hairspray, not the spray bottle kind, then I tried a body spray, and then landed on perfume which worked. It seems as if the alcohol is what makes the polish separate, so next time I might also try rubbing alcohol. 

Ok, back to my nails - I dipped my finger in the nail polish which created a "wave" look. I did this over again for each nail on both hands. After I was done, I cleaned up around my nails to get rid of any nail polish. I topped each nail off with a coat of PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat and then stuck on various rhinestones & seashells from BornPrettyStore.

What do you think of this look? I'm trying to get into more nail art, so I'm really proud of these! :)

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