LadyQueenBeauty Review - Water Decals

LadyQueenBeauty was nice enough to send me another package full of goodies! One of the items were these adorable Water Decals. I can't find them anymore on their website so I can't link to it.. but check out their website for their full collection of water decals - they're great!

I was wondering what to paint on my nails that would go great with this pattern, and I decided on going with a solid white! I think it makes the water decal on my ring finger stick out so much.

I started by painting all my nails with two coats of Beyond the Nail - Bright White. I got my Water Decal and soaked it in water for about 10 seconds. It slid right off the paper effortlessly, and I was able to stick it to my nail right away. I got a brush and dipped it in acetone to cleanup any of the excess water decal that was hanging off my nail. I added one coat of PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat to each nail, and added on some Half Round Studs to my other nails.

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