Camera Review: Sony a5100

I've been looking for a new camera for the past couple of months. I'm in a couple of facebook groups for bloggers, nail art, etc and I remember someone mentioning that the Sony a5100 is a great camera, especially for bloggers. After doing some research, and even looking up different cameras, I decided the Sony a5100 was in fact the camera I wanted. It's the size of a digital camera, but functions like a DSLR camera!

The camera has so many great features. I was really interested in finding a camera that could take videos and could have the screen flip up so I could watch what I was doing as I was filming (I just need to wait for the tripod I ordered to arrive!). Here are some great aspects of the camera:

This camera is available on Sony's website, as well as BestBuy (where I bought it).
I really love this camera, and can't wait to take pictures with it for my blog :)

What type of camera do you use??

*These photos were taken with a Nikon d3000*

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