Ice Cream Nails

Hi everyone! I was sent a bunch of cute charms and glitter from The Sparkly Shop to share with you all. My friend Chantelle owns The Sparkly Shop and has a ton of charms, glitter, studs, and jewelry for any type of nail art. 

Photo taken from The Sparkly Shop website
One of the products I received was their Ice Cream Cone nail charms (2 for $2.99 USD). I wanted to make my nails also look like an ice cream cone, with the ice cream dripping, so I started by painting each nail with two coats of Beyond the Nail - Daiquiri. When dried, I applied some Blood Drip Nail Guides and painted over each nail with a generous coat of Beyond the Nail - Biscotti. I peeled away the nail guides while the polish was still wet, and topped everything off with a layer of PRO-FX - Quick Dry Topcoat. While that was still wet, I stuck on an Ice Cream Cone charm to my ring finger.

Looking back on my nails now, I wish I would have painted 3 layers of Daiquiri instead of 2, to get a more opaque base. I would've also added lines across the "cone" part as well.

This charm, along with many others are available at:

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