BornPrettyStore Review: Full Nail Blue Flower Water Decals

Here are some more awesome water decals that I was sent from BornPrettyStore! These are their Full Nail Blue Flower Water Decals.

I started by painting all my nails with two coats of Beyond the Nail - Spring Blue Creme. When dried, I cut up my Water Decals and placed a piece into water for about 15-20 seconds (long enough for the decal to slide off the paper backing easily). I placed it onto my nail and got a brush dipped in acetone and carefully brushed away any parts of the water decal that was hanging over my nail. I topped each nail with PRO-FX - Complete 3. I also added my favourite rhinestones (from BornPrettyStore) to the top of each nail!

The water decals were super easy to use and turned out amazing! It really makes my simple manicure look 10x better! 

These water decals are available on BornPrettyStore for $1.99!!
Don't forget to use AJB10 to get 10% off your order :)

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