Birthday Hair by BloBar

Happy Birthday to ME!
This weekend I decided to treat myself by getting my hair done at Blo Bar! The Blo Bar specializes in blo outs and hair styling. I've been to the Blo Bar twice before (my first experience was through ChickAdvisor when they had an event where members got their hair done for free! My second experience was a couple years ago when I went for my birthday). 

This year, I saw they had a new Braid Menu and I've always wanted a waterfall braid, so I asked them to do loose curls with that braid. My stylist did a great job and I think it turned out amazing! My hair is on the frizzy side, so when I got home I just had to fix it up a bit with some hairspray. 

What do you guys think? 
Sorry about all the different lighting in my photos.. my camera and the flash/natural lighting didn't want to co-operate.

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