MoYou London: Stamping Plate Review

WARNING: Long Post!
Hi everyone. I'm very excited about today's post! MoYou London has sent me two nail stamping plates to review, and even gave me a new stamper and scraper! I've wanted to try out their stamping plates for so long, especially now that I have longer stiletto nails (it's difficult to use normal stamping plates on my nails because they don't always cover the full nail). 

MoYou London sent me their Tourist Collection 07 plate & their The Pro Collection 10 plate (not shown on their website), along with a stamper and scraper

I tested out their stamper and compared it to another stamper I have from BornPrettyStore. The texture of the rubber stamp on MoYou London's stamper is much more smooth and almost slippery. I was excited to try it and see if it worked better than my other stamper. I used one of the designs from the Tourist Collection 07 plate and my Konad black stamping polish to test out the stampers. 

See below for photos
I was kind of disappointed that the MoYou London stamper didn't transfer the full design on my nails. It actually didn't pick up the full design from the plate itself. My stamper from BornPrettyStore did a much better job, but it also has its faults too (with smudging and not picking up every detail). I would try using MoYou London's stamper again but maybe with a different nail polish to see if it would make any difference.

MoYou London Stamper (left) vs. BornPrettyStore Stamper (right)


For MoYou's Tourist Collection - 07 plate, I decided to use the 2nd image on the bottom row. I did it twice on two different bases because I thought the first time I did a bad job stamping - turns out the stamper was the issue.

The first set of nails were done using two coats of Zoya - Reagan and stamped over it using Konad - Black stamping polish. The second set of nails were done using three coats of Beyond the Nail - Holly Jolly Christmas and Konad - Black stamping polish. Both are topped off with PRO-FX - Complete 3. I think I need to try a different stamper to get a more crisp design. I really like the images on this stamping plate, and plan to use them a lot!

Zoya - Reagan
Beyond the Nail - Holly Jolly Christmas

For MoYou's Pro Collection - 10 plate, I decided to use the 4th image on the top row. I started off with two coats of Wet n Wild - On a Trip, and stamped over it with Konad - White stamping polish. I then topped it off with PRO-FX - Complete 3.

Wet n Wild - On a Trip

Close up of all my nails

If you want to get your hands on some MoYou London stamping plates, click the link below!

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