Beyond the Nail - White Microglitter

 Hi everyone! In my post yesterday, I mentioned that we just released 4 new polishes online and I was going to share them with you guys one by one. The first one was our Red Microglitter. The next one I am sharing is our White Microglitter. This polish is jam packed with high quality white microglitter inside. This polish is a little different than our other microglitters because the glitter is a tad bigger and goes on like how glitter does in a nail polish, while our other microglitters go on smoother and tend to act like a part of the nail polish itself (I hope that makes sense??) The outcome look is identical, but the application is different... *sigh

ANYWAYS... The swatches pictured have three thin coats of nail polish. The texture of this when it has dried is just like sand giving it a textured feeling. If you'd prefer a smoother outcome, just add a layer of topcoat when dried (it even makes the microglitter super shiny!).

Blurry shot to show you how shiny it is :)
Bottle Shot!

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