Beyond the Nail at the One of a Kind Spring Show!

Omg.. I haven't posted in forever.. I've been so busy preparing for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. My sister & I made over 800 nail polishes and over 600 nail decals for the show.. it was intense! We had to make so many because we weren't sure what would be popular and sell out or not, so we pretty much had to make 10 of EACH nail polish.. crazy right? But in the end, it was worth it! It was amazing to meet everyone, and it was so rewarding to meet people who follow us on instagram/facebook & came out to meet us and buy some stuff! Super awesome :) :)

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Our set up at the One of a Kind Show

Me & my sister, Krystyn (on the left)

These are the nails that I did for the show!

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