Julep - August Box

While I was away on vacation I got scared because I was gone during the 20th - 24th... and if you're subscribed to Julep, then you'll know that's not a good time to be away from the internet! During that time is when you can pick your julep box! Thankfully the resort I stayed at had free wi-fi and I brought my ipod. So I was able to choose the box I wanted :)
Unfortunately I am not that pleased with this box.. I guess the lighting was off, or I didn't care at the time, but the yellow.. greenish.. polish (alma) isn't the best colour. I'm sure it's good if I want to do an army design, but otherwise, pretty useless to me. & the blue polish (annie), is much like another blue polish I received from Julep, but this one is thicker.. same colour though. I guess I'll be giving these away in a giveaway :P

The mascara is good, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like this because I saw little fibers that looked like eyelashes in it.. I've seen this somewhere else and it's supposed to latch onto your lashes and lengthen them.. which is kind of weird but I suppose it works? I tried the mascara and it really serparates and lengthens my lashes.. so I guess I shouldn't complain :)


PS. Isn't this the creepiest magnet picture of a girl ever? It's scary looking lol!