Glossybox: July Edition

Hey everyone! I received my glossybox for July the other day, and I really love it! What did you guys get??

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JOHN FREIDA: Go Blonder - Lightening Spray
I've received this in smaller samples from other boxes, and I actually really liked it. I read reviews online & people said it damaged their hair, so I was scared to try it at first. But it didn't burn, itch, or make my hair fall out, so I kept using it! haha
It actually did make my roots lighter (I dye my hair a lighter blonde.. I am naturally a dirty blonde). I would recommend it, but if you are going to try it for the first time, I'd suggest doing a test strand just in case :)
BEAUTY SO CLEAN: Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes
I've seen these in so many other people's beauty boxes over the past couple of months and I've always wanted to try these. So I'm happy I got these :) I got 4 individually wrapped wipes and an instruction/information booklet for the other products that Beauty So Clean makes.
DOVE: Softening Creme Body Wash
I'm going to save this until I go on vacation in 2 weeks (YAY!), so I can't really say anything about this yet... lol but I always like Dove's body washes, so I probably won't have anything bad to say :P
ZOYA Nail Polish: Reagan
I've always wanted nail polish from Zoya but I never purchased any because it's on the expensive side, and every colour I liked from their line, I have by a different company, so I didn't want to spend money if I didn't have too. So good thing I waited :) I love this colour too! I don't have anything near this colour, so I'm a happy camper :)
I'd show you guys a swatch, but I ripped off all my nails last week so all I have now is.. tiny nails.. nothing pretty to see there lol!
BURT'S BEES: Lip Shimmer in Cherry
I always love Burt's Bees products, so there's no surprise that I love this product :) I've tried a bunch of their products before and I never seem to be disappointed.. so I really would suggest picking up some of their stuff! This lip shimmer makes your lips soft, and also nice and red! Not too red, but it's a nice soft colour.
ALESSANDRA: Pedix Feet - Heel Rescue Balm
I don't really use these types products (for feet).. I'm not big into taking care of my feet.. No one ever looks at them, so I don't care for them LOL! So this will be going to my mom :) haha

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