August Glymm Bag!

Hey guys! I know I've been lacking with my nail posts.. but rest assured! I'm getting my nails on again on Saturday :) (I have fake nails put on because I bite my nails like crazy... right down to the skin! ouchie)

Anywayss.... I got my GLYMM Bag this week! The makeup bag it came in this week is way different than the other past bags... this one is so cute!

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 MAI COUTURE: Foundation Powder Papier "Nude Glow"
This product seems so cool! I've heard of these papers but for blush, or oil blotters lol.. I'm so intrigued with this! I can't wait to use them :) 

Looking at the August Glymm Card (on Glymm's website), I did not see this product listed. I guess most people got the same box and then people got one different item. Well this hand cream smells so good! It has a light perfume scent, which is good because I can't handle perfumes.. I get headaches very easily from strong smells. So luckily this product is good for me :)

VITAMINE & SEA: Mineral Clay Mask
This natural facial mask made with clay directly from the Dead Sea will tingle as it softly exfoliates, eliminates toxins, promotes circulation, cleanses and strengthens your skin.  (Taken from the Glymm website)
I'm very eager to try this product! I love face masks, scrubs, etc.

A landscape of vitality, surrounds violet leaves in green woods, freshly cut grass and dewy earth.

(Taken from the Glymm website)

I don't ever like perfumes because they give me headaches, so I gave this to my mom! haha.. but she liked it :)

This lipgloss is so cute! It's cute, but also kind of a rip-off... it's the smallest size of lipgloss I've ever seen!!! To show you what I mean, look at the picture below. I even took the label off the lipgloss container so you can see how much less it is even in the container!