Pandora's Makeup Box Cosmetics: My Winnings :)

Hey guys!

So a month ago or so, I entered a contest on Pandora's Makeup Box to win their New Spring Look collection... and I actually won!! I first found out about this makeup line from Glossybox! I received a blush from Pandora's Makeup Box, and I really can't see myself going back to using another kind. It's probably my most favourite makeup item so far :)

By winning their contest, I won:
  1. Four Palette in: Blushed (matte), Froth (shimmer pink), Purple Haze (purple), and Thunder (charcoal mauve)
  2. Lipstick in: Pretty (mauve)
  3. Lip Gloss in: Awesome (pink)
  4. Added bonus: Eyelid Primer

FOUR PALETTE: Blushed, Froth, Purple Haze & Thunder

These eye shadows are so nice!! I wore the eyelid primer under neath, and they lasted all day. The colours are so nice and really compliment my skin tone. I even think without the primer, they would last all day!

Pandora's Makeup Box offers a ton of different colours, and I would definitely suggest picking some up :) Their packing is super cute too!

This lipstick is so adorable! The packing is made from cardboard, and the top of the lipstick has a rhinestone on it. The colour is a nice soft mauve pink and has some metallic shimmer to it. Such a nice colour :)


This lipgloss is just as adorable as the lipstick. It's a nice soft shimmer pink. It's really nice on too! I found it to be long lasting, and that's really hard to find with lip glosses (well, at least it is to me haha)

I was very impressed with this product. It really will last me forever because a little bit of this goes a LONG way! It really works too! I used it with the eyeshadow from Pandora's Makeup box, and it lasted more than 12 hours (so impressive)!

So after winning all these products and trying them all out, I really suggest buying them! They really hold up well and I would recommend them over many other products!

I need to take a picture of myself with all of this on, and I will be sure to show you guys!  I need to of course send it to Pandora's Makeup Box as well!
Be sure to check out their website :) :)

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